More than just emotional support

Rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs, dogs for seizure disorders, and dogs for the hearing impaired are just a handful of terms that come to mind when someone ventures upon a service dog and their handler. The VA started a study several years ago on service dogs designed to help their owners cope with PTSD. PTSD... Continue Reading →

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Papa is for PTSD and first responders

PTSD in first responders is an estimated at ten to thirty percent nationwide. Recent studies have shown that many first responders are prone to cumulative PTSD. That is, with each incident that affects the psyche in a negative manner, the brain files this information away as not to interfere with the current situation. This is... Continue Reading →

Oscar is for online footprints

Everywhere you do these days, someone knows where you have been. Let's talk social media and writing. Web crawlers love to visit social media sites. The good news if you are posting correctly on these sites then you are growing your SEO. The bad news is anything you post here is searchable. You know the... Continue Reading →

November is for Neglect is abuse too

Neglect is not only detrimental, it is abuse. This is not only referring to child neglect (which is classified as child abuse in the legal sense) but the neglect of person. People neglect others and do not even realize they are doing so. Have you spoken to your significant other today in a positive and... Continue Reading →

Mike is for men and domestic violence

Domestic violence is gender blind. You read that correctly. Domestic violence affects men as well as women. The stigma attached to domestic violence paints it as a female issue. No. Domestic violence against males is much harder to predict accurate statistics for since most men don't report their abuse. In the article, Truths and Myths:... Continue Reading →

Lima is for Listening to Survivors

I recently wrote an article on Bonding with Survivors. One major point in the post touched on listening. Listening is so important that expanding on that is essential. Listening is the key to many things in life: customer service, business deals, and best friends. Why is this such a centerfold of life? Knowing that someone... Continue Reading →

Kilo is for Killers and How to Write One

So you want to write a criminal who focuses on killing? This can be an overwhelming task to keep the killer accurate and believable without being a cliché. The nice thing about killers and being clichés is most of them fall into a certain pattern. Certainly, the tall, dark-haired, attractive serial killer might be considered... Continue Reading →

Juliett is for Jankov Kynev

Jankov Kynev is a fictional character from my writing. He is dealing with a wife who battles PTSD. As a caregiver, he has to know more about her, than she knows about herself at times. Before I developed his character, I gave him a set of rules for handling his wife, Stephanie. These rules are specific... Continue Reading →

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